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Sydney Toll Roads: Roam Complaints

Have a complaint about Roam?

Are you sick of unexpected & excessive toll fees? Do you think we should do something about it?

We have become aware of the large amount of complaints that users of the Sydney toll roads are experiencing, and we intend to do something about it.

We want to speak to you, if you have been charged any unfair or excessive fees.

Toll points: Hills M2 | Lane Cove Tunnel | Cross City Tunnel | Eastern Distributor | Westlink M7

This website is an initiative of Michael Fraser aka The Arbitrator. He is a Business and Consumer Relationship Advocate known for standing up for everyday Australians and keeping big business honest.

If enough people come forward and register their interest in a Class Action, The Arbitrator will ask his lawyers to commence legal action in an attempt to have all unreasonable fees refunded to anyone who joins the class.

If you believe you have been charged unreasonable fees by Roam, we encourage you to express your interest in joining a potential class action by filling out the "Join potential Class Action" form as soon as possible. It will almost certainly be a 'No Win, No Fee' action.

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We need protection from Roam Express

92 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2017 10:47 PM | Other | Views(156)

Today I recieved a letter of demand from Credit solutions debt collectors for a total of $7314.40. This has come about from a payment agreement that ...

by Nathan Fredericks from NSW, 2156

Ridiculous threats of suspension of account

99 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 7:00 PM | Toll User: Roam Account Holder | Views(126)

It is absolutely assanine to be threatened with suspension and penalties when your account is in credit but considered "seriously low" by Roam. I hav...

by Mary Burns from NSW, 2546

Unfair Fees

116 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 18 AUGUST 2017 5:56 PM | Other | Views(164)

The ridiculous fees added to the Toll account. So m2 and m7 and Lane cove Tunnel $1500 in fees all trying to make scam deals instead of u just paying ...

by Daniel Brett from NSW, 2768

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