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167 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2017 10:47 PM | Other | Views(279)

Today I recieved a letter of demand from Credit solutions debt collectors for a total of $7314.40. This has come about from a payment agreement that was scheduled fell behind in installments. The credit solution company called me on the phone 2 weeks ago to say the account was cancelled due to late payments and has been sent back to roam express. I asked for payment and transaction balance details to which I was refused. I would expect the arrears/balance due would be around 4-500 dollars and these predatory company is charging an extra $20 on each toll. There is a longer story but I will keep this short. ROAM EXPRESS Has tried to charge me over $27000.00 in charges for about $1300.00 in late toll payments. Also made it impossible to get clear information and results. I am searching for a lawyer tomorrow and taking the matter to court. I am happy to provide my evidence against roam express for the courts and for your lawsuit.

by Nathan Fredericks from NSW, 2156


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