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something needs to be done!!!

80 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 1 NOVEMBER 2017 8:47 AM | Toll User: Roam Account Holder | Views(30)

I have had nothing but problems with the toll companies. At first the used to take too much money out of my account so i stopped tat and said i would pay manually, come to find out they used to be 4 seperate companies who didn't communicate with each other. So when it became time to pay my toll notices i have had numerous issues.
Finally after all said and done i had 728 toll notices with tolls totalling around $2500 and $14,000 in administration fees and i was told that if i opened a new account and transferred them to that i wouldn't have to pay the admin fees, which i did then they said that i could no longer do that and would have to pay the amount in full which obviously i could not so it has gone to creditors.
I have said that i was happy to pay the tolls but the admin fees are insane. Anyway i had started a payment plan with them and was fine but now they have rang me and aid i have to pay the full amount or legal action will be taking against me because whoever said i can do the payment plan wasn't a full time staff member.

by shane edwards from NSW, 2444


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